Shelving Installation


At EMC, we understand the importance of efficient storage and seamless organization. Our specialists work closely with clients to assess their unique needs and create customized shelving systems tailored to their requirements. Whether maximizing storage capacity, improving accessibility, or enhancing visual appeal, EMC provides top-quality shelving solutions to transform any space.

With a wide range of shelving options, including wall-mounted shelves, freestanding units, modular systems, and specialized racks, EMC ensures that every client finds the perfect fit for their specific application. Our shelves are designed using durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability.

We pride ourselves on having the best team of professional experts. They know and understand the client’s requirements, working closely with them to design personalized shelves. Our EMC shelving enlarges your storage capacity while facilitating accessibility for use and maintenance. We are dedicated to providing top-notch shelf solutions to broaden your working space and have access to optimal utilization.

EMC shelves have experts offering solutions to optimize space for access to more storage. We help clients create shelves with much-needed space and are well-organized. Our team engages with clients and designs a layout that effectively provides more space to store your things properly. 

Our shelving installation services help to improve accessibility and efficiency of storage with sufficient space. Different shelf designs will help you find your items quickly without confusion! We provide wall-mounted shelves, modular systems, specialized racks, and various designs to match your imaginative space in any required storage sphere. 

Be it a shelf designed for retail stores, warehouses, homes, offices, or any space, EMC shelves cater standard shelving solutions to meet your requirements. We use highly durable materials, ensuring reliability and longevity, being the vital option for shelving. We mainly use durable materials for long-lasting effects while designing shelves. 

EMC is the name you can trust. Our team of experts focuses on maximizing storage capacity and accessibility, and we guarantee that EMC shelving solutions will transform your space into a well-organized, efficient, and visually appealing environment. If you’re going short on storage space or fed off still trying to organize for more accessibility, EMC shelving installation is here. 

Farewell to clutter and enlarge your space with EMC shelving solutions today! We have assisted many clients, offering their home, office, or any room perfectly balanced according to their need to customize, organize, and manage items.

Remain stress-free from storage problems when EMC shelving is here. Declutter your waste and make the space for more. Get your organized and maintained shelf with EMC shelves today!

Warehouse shelving systems are designed to hold items that need to be stacked manually. You can maximize your space by investing in commercial warehouse shelving for your facility.

Installations EMC offers the most advanced warehouse shelving systems in Canada. These shelves are designed to be durable and high-quality. We will assign a representative to work on your project to provide you with the best possible assistance.

Our Industrial Warehouse Shelving Systems

These shelves are designed to hold small and medium-sized objects such as bins and boxes. These solutions come in a variety of sizes to meet your business’ needs.

We offer a large selection of heavy duty warehouse shelving.

  • Mini-racking: The mini-racking products have open shelving which allows businesses to store large items easily with maximum flexibility and scalability. Boltless mini racking is the best option for light-duty shelving in your warehouse. It allows you to maximize storage space for smaller items.
  • Open shelving The spider open shelving system is a bookcase design with open shelves that are accessible and durable to meet storage requirements. These solutions allow for quick assembly as well as maximum versatility in your warehouse. These open shelving systems can be customized in a range of colors to suit different spaces and hold a wide variety of products.
  • Closed Shelving: Unlike open shelving, closed shelves have enclosed sides and backs for greater stability and protection. They reduce the chance of objects falling. These shelving systems allow you to organize individual products.
  • Shelving With Drawers:Our Industrial shelving with drawers allows users to free up space on shelves and organize all items. The drawers can be used to store the tools and other items that your warehouse workers will need to do their job.
  • Galvanized shelving The shelves are corrosion resistant, and have a longer service life. Our shelving is designed for light- and medium-duty storage. If you require two-tiered shelving, consider this metal option.
  • Storage of parts:These solutions are a combination of mini-racking and shelving , and include modular drawers for easy part organization. These storage solutions also offer multilevel shifting for vertical expansion. Organize parts and tools to maximize warehouse efficiency.
  • Mobile Shelving: Our high-density shelving requires much less space than static shelving, and can increase space utilization up to 200%. These solutions are mounted on a mobile base which glides along a track in a low-profile.
  • Record Storage Shelving: Our warehouse shelving allows workers to archive resources such as files and folders for maximum organization. These can be used in warehouse offices or other similar areas to save space.
  • Carton Flow Shelving: Carton Flow shelves separate picking aisles and stocking aisles of split cases and full boxes to reduce reach needs, improve ergonomics and space utilization, and boost productivity. You can free up space by organizing your return lanes. and boost productivity. You can free up space by organizing your return lanes.
  • Metro wire mesh shelves : With our Metro mesh shelving you can configure solutions from mobile to wall-mount to free-standing, and integrate robust front-and-back-end displays. You can choose from a variety of finishes and accessories to create your own custom storage solution.

Our Installation Services

You’re not only choosing shelving with us — you’re also investing in an promise that begins with your installation. Our turnkey services cover the following areas, whether you are optimizing an entire warehouse or reconfiguring just a portion.

  • Installations of storage: We can provide a wide range of storage solutions, from whole warehouse reconfigurations and shelving to precise setups.
  • Installations of material handling systems: Our expertise in the industry spans over 40 years, and we have custom carts, overhead lifting systems, workstations, and much more.
  • Installations of dock equipment and doors: We are the exclusive Rite Hite dealer for our region. Our structures range from high-speed to cold storage door. Our Dok-Lok line of products also upgrades safety measures at loading bays. It ensures unparalleled protection and durability.
  • Damage Inspections:Your storage organization system will function best when it is in good condition. That’s why we offer inspection services.

Custom Warehouse Storage Shelving Systems: Benefits

Installations EMC offers a wide range of customized industrial shelving solutions.

  • Maximum Space: With warehouse shelving systems, you can maximize your space by stacking products instead of storing them outward.
  • Increased productivity: Customized industrial shelving increases inventory visibility and access, leading to greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Greater flexibility: Instead of investing in larger facilities, you can increase your custom shelving to accommodate your growing business.
  • Cost-effectiveness Warehouse shelving systems are long-lasting, low-cost solutions that help you get the best value for your money.

Invest in Warehouse Shelving in Canada today

Installations EMC offers warehouse shelving for Ontario. Since over 15 years our family-owned business has provided customers with the best material handling solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our shelving options or for help!